1957 Chevrolet Alternator Conversion

1957 Chevrolet Alternator Conversion!

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On this web site we will explain how to convert a generator to an alternator on your 1957 Chevrolet! You can also use this information to convert a generator to an alternator on a 1955 Chevrolet and 1956 Chevrolet.

Why Convert Your 1957 Chevrolet's Generator To An Alternator? The basic 1957 Chevy car or truck electrical system makes use of a battery, starter and generator. The generator is the heart of the system, since without it, you won't get very far.

Most generators were only asked to power the headlights, heater and maybe an AM radio. However, today's classic cars and trucks usually include air conditioning, fuel pumps, cooling fans and a thumper stereo. Using the original generator almost always results in battery discharge. This is a great reason to switch to an alternator given this increase demand. At this web site we describe the proper way to convert a 1957 Chevrolet's electrical system from a DC generator to a 94-100 amp alternator capable of handling all the normal electrical needs plus an average stereo, cooling fans and any after market air conditioning system made today.

You can also use this web site to trouble shoot or double check work done by others on your classic car or truck. This is a fairly involved subject and you should read each page on this web site before making any purchases such as an alternator, battery or gauges. We also recommend that you read the article How Alternators Work. These instructions should work very well on any model 1957 Chevy as well as most GM cars and trucks of the 1950s and 1960s using a generator to recharge a battery. However, you will need a proper wiring diagram for other model years. Feel free to copy and paste any instructions on our Alternator Conversion web pages and print.

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